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novembre 16, 2023 - Pianca

Code of Ethics

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Ethics, correctness, fairness, transparency and reality: the Pianca Code Of Ethics sums up the values that reflect the company identity and form the basis for its operations.

A clear statement of commitment, both internal and external: the Pianca Code of Ethics sums up the set of values which the company recognizes, accepts and shares and the set of responsibilities it assumes towards all stakeholders.

The primary safeguard on which the Pianca Organizational Model is founded, the Code of Ethics is more than a set of guidelines to guarantee behaviour suitably inspired by a correct vision of employee conduct within the company. It is also a clear reminder of the principles which must inspire human behaviour in general.

Focussed on improving the well-being of customers and co-workers alike, the ethical vision promoted and sustained by Pianca is founded on the values of correctness, fairness, integrity, loyalty and professionalism. Values that influence actions, behaviour and work methods, focussed on respect for the laws and regulations of the countries in which Pianca operates, and respect for company procedures.